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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

bcWebCam uses the highest resolution the web cam offers. If you have a high resolution web cam, this might be the reason. In most cases 640×480 is enough.
You can manually set/reduce the web cam resolution to test if it affects performance (see below for details).

The standard behavior of bcWebCam is to use the best web cam resolution available. You can change this by setting special parameters in the bcWebCam.ini config file.
In section [General] edit the following entries:
Important: Be sure to set values which are supported by your web cam. Otherwise errors might occur.

The file is located in folder ‘c:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\AppData\Local\bcWebCam\bcWebCam.ini’. If it is not there, search for bcWebCam.ini instead.

Not with the standard settings. Otherwise, bcWebCam would read the same barcode again and again as long as it is in focus. But it is possible to define a time period after which bcWebCam does allow the same content of a barcode again. You can configure this (with bcWebCam or later versions) in the bcWebCam.ini.
Section [General] Entry BcGracePeriod; 0=never allow same content in line; other number=time period in milliseconds.

bcWebCam settings are optimized for the most common resolution of 640×480. When using higher resolutions, you should increase the value for the extended barcode setting Light Margin (for linear barcodes).
Alternatively you can manually set/reduce the web cam resolution (see below for details).