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Download – bcWebCam FREE EDITION

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FREEWARE bcWebCam: Current version 3.0.2 from 22.04.2024
(Please read the license agreement before using the software)

Attention: The new version 3.0 PRO1/PRO2 cannot be used with an older license file. For updates, please contact us directly; we will be happy to create an individual offer for you.

bcWebCam is freeware for private use only.

Note: bcWebCam uses the QS-Barcode SDK, version 5.0.1
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bcWebCam 3.0.2 (22.04.2024)In the English version, some dialogues may not have been displayed correctly.
bcWebCam is now DPI aware
bcWebCam 3.0.1 (26.03.2024)In rare cases, the webcam image was not displayed under Windows 10.
bcWebCam 3.0.0 (21.01.2024) Please note that you may need a new paid license key when updating to this version.
bcWebCam is now a 64-bit application. This eliminates memory problems at Full HD or higher resolution.
Barcode engine update.
Various minor bug fixes.
bcWebCam now requires the .NET Framework 4.8.
bcWebCam 2.5.7 (20.07.2022) Customer-specific modification.
bcWebCam 2.5.6 (11.08.2021) Fixed crash due to customer-specific modification
bcWebCam 2.5.5 (21.07.2021) Customer-specific modification.
bcWebCam 2.5.4 (09.07.2021) Substrings of the barcode can be passed to applications.
bcWebCam 2.5.3 (30.10.2020) Change of the threshold value in real time with the possibility of displaying the binarized b/w image.
bcWebCam 2.5.1 (05.10.2020) Please note that you will need a new license key when you update to this version.
Various small bug fixes.
bcWebCam 2.5.0 (02.10.2020) Please note that you will need a new license key when you update to this version.
The image display is now smoother in high resolutions.
Various detail improvements.
bcWebCam (16.03.2020)

bcWebCam now offers the creation of a global hotkey with which the application can be activated if necessary and the barcode reading is started . The active application keeps the focus.
Settings can be made as to how the application should proceed after a successful barcode reading.  Ending the reading, terminating the reading and minimizing the application and terminating the application are supported.

bcWebCam (02.11.2018)
bcWebCam can now send several definable keyboard shortcuts to an application after sending the barcode.
Setup and program file are now digitally signed
bcWebCam (03.02.2017) Fixed a problem when writing to the clipboard.

bcWebCam (11.11.2016) Customer-specific modification
bcWebCam (08.08.2016) https URLs could not be opened automatically in the PRO versions.
bcWebCam (02.03.2016)
Fixed crash when the driver of the webcam does not support reading certain properties.
bcWebCam (28.01.2016) Error fixed in customer-specific modification.
bcWebCam (06.01.2016)

Because of a customer-specific modification linear barcodes were no longer read.

bcWebCam is no longer constantly in the foreground.

bcWebCam (12.11.2015) Customer-specific modification
bcWebCam (03.11.2015) Customer-specific modification
bcWebCam (26.10.2015) Customer-specific modification
bcWebCam (14.10.2015) Customer-specific modification
bcWebCam (05.10.2015)
Fixed crash when closing bcWebCam on Windows 10.
bcWebCam (23.09.2015) Fixed a bug when opening an https URL in the PRO versions.
bcWebCam (31.03.2015) Customer-specific modification
bcWebCam (05.02.2015) The barcode search can now be carried out with all barcode types in parallel.
bcWebCam (22.09.2014) New arrangement of the zoom and focus controls
bcWebCam (19.09.2014) Crash when setting the camera parameters (Focus / Zoom) fixed.
bcWebCam (27.08.2014) Custom modification
bcWebCam (18.07.2014) Improved: URL syntax checking improved (only PRO-Versions)
bcWebCam (16.07.2014) New: Manual change of focus and zoom
New: Open the
internal settings-dialog of the webcam
bcWebCam (05.06.2014) Changed: The help file has been updated
Fixed occasional crash when reading QR codes
bcWebCam (02.06.2014) New: The video resolution of the webcam can now be set in the options
bcWebCam (21.05.2014)

New: bcWebCam now requires the .NET Framework 3.5.

New: Update of Capture framework. bcWebCam now works on some Windows 8 tablets, on which previously no image was displayed.

New: Sending the read barcode to a Windows Remote Desktop is now possible.

bcWebCam (17.02.2014)

Fixed: The resolution of the webcam can be manually configured on the bcWebCam.ini again now.

bcWebCam (19.12.2013) Fixed: UTF8 strings are now shown correctly.
bcWebCam (10.09.2013) Fixed: Crash when using German language setting with a dot as decimal separator.
bcWebCam (02.07.2013) Fixed: Error in the duration of BcGracePeriod fixed.
bcWebCam (17.04.2013) Fixed: Memory error when webcam is turned on
bcWebCam (15.04.2013) Fixed: Exception in options dialog fixed.
bcWebCam (02.04.2013)

New Barcode types PostNet, GS1 DataBar and Aztec supported.
New WebCam control library integrated.

bcWebCam (18.01.2013) Fixed: The webcam is now turned off when the application exits.
bcWebCam (16.10.2012)

New: Start WebCam automatically after application has started.
New: Open detected URL in default webbrowser

bcWebCam (27.09.2012)

New: Improved recognition of barcodes in poor lighting conditions by using a dynamic threshold.
New: Current QS-Barcode Library

bcWebCam (01.04.2009) New: Allow only one instance of bcWebCam
Fixed: Crash if webcam is in use by other applications
Fixed: Recognition of two barcodes in the same stream image confuses bcWebCam
New: Support area with FAQ
bcWebCam (23.06.2008) New Features: WebCam Selection Dialog, Result to Clipboard, Invert Image Data
bcWebCam (07.03.2008) Demo Mode for PRO1 and PRO2 Features integrated
bcWebCam (04.02.2008) QR Code integrated
bcWebCam (21.05.2007) First english version, older versions only available with german user interface

Evaluation versions of the QS QualitySoft programmes

QS-DocumentAssembler Evaluation Version: Application Program: Batch Recognise Barcodes and Index Scanned Images

QS-Barcode SDK Evaluation Version: Barcode recognition in your programmes.

bcWebCam – Version History